Our Projects

This is a list of projects in which BBB People are involved for volunteer activities: Eritrean Health Information System AnLaDiISF Since 2009, even before it's founding, BBB SW members Ezio and Emanuele are involved in an the Health Care Information System project with the Eritrean Ministry of Health. The project is driven by "Annulliamo La Distanza", an Italian NGO working in several healthcare projects in developing countries, with a special focus on children health and education. Another important partner in this project is "Informatici Senza Frontiere" and their product OpenHospital. Ezio and Emanuele organised technical IT training fot the Ministry personnel and participate in the hospitals information systems design and implementation. Villar Focchiardo (TO) WiFi public network MarooNet The goal of this project, in cooperation with the local administration, professional partners, and volunteers is to bring Internet connectivity where it is still missing, namely in the valleys of northwestern Italy. MarooNet WiFi is a free, public service for the community. BBB SW contributes with the deployment and maintenance of the WiFi network.