Our Company

BBB is a newborn company, established in Feb. 2012 by three founding members:

Ezio Ostorero
Working in the IT business since 1989, he’s been a player in many national and international projects in the Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Microelectronics and Finance markets.
Employed by large multinational companies (DEC, Compaq, HP) as a SW Engineering and System Architect, in 2003 Ezio partnered in the creation of Solve.IT SRL, an HP spin-off.
Besides his professional activities, Ezio is involved in many volunteer projects for bringing IT technologies in local communities and in developing countries.

Emanuele Cammarata
An IT addict since childhood, he’s “born” as a SW developer on ZX Spectrum and Commodore Amiga systems, then, after a brief stint at MS-DOS, he eventually moved on to Linux.
Along with a team of friends he is a founder of the Linux User Group in Catania, a member of “Freaknet”, one of the very first hacklab in Italy and a maintainer of an IT Museum hosting fully operational vintage IT systems.
His business experiences spans from web-based applications, to firmware and embedded systems development, to large automation projects for major corporations.

Giulia Chiamberlando
In this geek-world, we need someone with a focus on the bottom-line. Giulia has a long time experience in managing the operations of small and medium-sized enterprises, dealing and negotiating with customers, suppliers, and accounting professionals. Last but not least, she keeps the techies under strong financial control.